My Story



While I can list a bunch of schooling, certification, and trainings, my life experience and my own healing journey have been my greatest teacher.


I've experienced trauma, I've had chronic stress that's led to body breaking down, I've burnt out at work, I've been betrayed, and I've betrayed myself so many times over by putting others first. And life kept kicking me down until I got it.


I took my power back and am here to guide you in doing the same. I fuse ancestral healing and eft/tapping to help you heal generational patterns and traumas so that you can finally get unstuck and create a more fulfilling life.

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A few years ago, I found myself reeling from a chain of life-changing events that all began with burnout at work, followed by the death of my father, and spiraling further after that.


I felt pretty lost and I knew I wanted something different, but between the grief and all the other things I experienced, I turned my attention to my own healing. 


I returned to therapy and I thought it was helping. But while all the external factors stabilized, I found myself constantly sick and fatigued. 

And so I did what one does when one feels sick and went to my doctor who referred me to various specialists and got no answers nor felt any better.  


In fact, I began experiencing new symptoms. 


Deep into my healing journey, I learned about how emotional and energetic blocks lead to illness and dis-ease. Then it hit me.


Even though all the stressors were gone, the stress and trauma were still being held in my body. And even me, a social worker who's worked with trauma survivors, had not made that connection.

I was still holding on to all the old hurts and feelings, repeating patterns, and not able to get past fears that left me feeling literally stuck.


Though I was taking all of the “right steps” forward in my life, there was still something missing. I went to therapy, sought out a life coach, and invested a bunch of money on various programs. 


Along the way, I was introduced to some powerful healing tools, including EFT/Tapping, which led me to experience the deepest and most transformative healing I had yet to experience.


I was able to heal wounds and trauma rooted in my childhood

that I thought I had dealt with already. 


And I saw how these early wounds and traumas were still playing out in my life today.


I said goodbye to the physical symptoms I was experiencing.


But, even more powerful, I was able to stop getting out of my own way and clear the patterns and beliefs that kept me from living in full alignment with my soul’s purpose.


Because eft/tapping changed my life, I sought out deeper training with one of the top EFT practitioners in the field.


I continue deepening my practice with other tools and modalities to support your healing and transformation.

And because healing is a journey and not a destination, I continue to use tapping to get through life situations and circumstances.


I don’t believe in coincidences. 


If you are here reading this, it's because you've been guided here. Know that you're not alone. 


I've been there. 


I've been stuck. 


I've felt called to something different than the safety and comfort

that I'd worked so hard for.


I've even questioned whether I could just live with my comfortable life and not pursue what's calling from my soul.


After all, it would just be easier.


But, it left me still feeling restless and no one understood me. 




 I've gotten unstuck,


I've cleared the generational and ancestral wounds and patterns that were keeping me playing safe and small,


and I know you can experience the same.


I'm ready to help you get to the root of your issues and

clear them so that you can make moves.

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Photos by Fernando Samalot