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Maria Elena Pérez

    Nervous System Resilience Guide +  EFT Practitioner + Speaker
about maria elena

Hola, I'm Maria Elena

I'm a bilingual, first-generation Latina nervous system resilience guide, certified eft practitioner, and speaker. 

A licensed master social worker (lmsw), I worked for fifteen years in social and reproductive justice organizations before suffering a brain injury and subsequent chronic symptoms that forced me to leave my job. After stalled progress and regressing despite countless doctor visits and therapies, nervous system regulation marked a turning point in my recovery and journey.


With this newfound embodied experience, I delved deeper into studying the brain and nervous system, polyvagal theory, and internal family systems/parts work, all while coming back home to myself and reclaiming my ancestral gifts.


My approach is a mix of science and ancient and ancestral magic. Learn more about my offerings by clicking below. 


“Working with Maria Elena was a true gift! It helped me question some old beliefs that I still held that were causing me pain in the present moment. After a few weeks, I was able to see real positive changes in my life. She helped me peel the layers and go to the core. Her sessions brought me so much release and peace to my life." 


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